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The audience deserves to hear every word and detail of your voice and message. But what happens when turning up the volume isn't enough to be heard? 


This workshop will give you simple sound adjustment tools and insights into how the human ear perceives and interprets sound. This will help your voice to take centre stage and not be lost in the mix. 


You will learn how to do your own mixing and be a better communicator with your most important collaborators: the Sound Engineers and Producers. 

'Make The PA your Personal Assistant!'

Part 1) Knowledge and Understanding: 

  • Communication: Getting the singer, band and production team to speak the same language.

  • Basic ‘rules’ and tricks for sound engineering: How the human ear perceives and interprets sound and how to take the ear on a sonic journey.

  • Equipment:  Microphones, equalisers, compressors etc.

  • Monitoring: Inner and outer hearing, in-ear monitors, floor wedges, ear health. 

  • Microphone technique: How the 'spheres' of a mic give different results.

Part 2) Practical - Getting yourself ready for the stage! 

  • Walk-through of a sound check, and practice explaining the sound ideal you have.

  • Optional: Singing with / without compression, test high-end mics and find the one that enhances your unique sound, hands-on adjusting your own sound.

  • Use backing track, accompany yourself or sing acapella while we collaborate towards finding the perfect sound profile for you.

Workshop content:

This workshop has been developed, tried and tested with hundreds of singers around the world.

Simply put: it works! And, you'll have a toolkit of approaches you can use immediately after the workshop.


By providing workshops for both singers and sound engineers, I hope to create a bridge between the two worlds, facilitate clearer communication and help creativity to flourish. Through collaboration, we get quality!  

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