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Ole Rasmus Møller

Actor & Voice Coach Colleague, Denmark


“Jakob stands out among the sea of singing teachers. He has created a niche only a few can match.

Jakob combines his educations as a singing teacher and sound engineer in a unique way.

He generously shares his knowledge with love and skill to the students who are so lucky to receive his teaching”


Ole Rasmus Møller,


Actor & Voice Coach Colleague

Amanda Espinoza

Singer & Vocal Coach, Sweden


“I consider myself lucky to have experienced Jakob’s teaching skills!!! There are only a few times in your life where you come across a teacher with such passion and with so much knowledge that he passes on with a tremendous pedagogical gift.

I’ve been afraid to tackle sound engineering before due to its complex nature. But someway, somehow, he taught it in a way that made it easier for me to understand without making me feel stupid.”


Amanda Espinoza,


Singer & Vocal Coach

Manuela Gebetsroither

Singer & Vocal Coach, Austria


“Jakob is a fantastic vocal coach! He is super patient and kind, works very structured and efficient. Due to his education in sound engineering, he has extremely precise ears. The work with Jakob helped me to make huge progress with my voice”

Manuela Gebetsroither,


Singer & Vocal Coach

Bjartmar Thordason

Actor & singer, Iceland


“Thank you so much for everything dear Jakob! You are a wonderful person, teacher and overall guru”

Bjartmar Thordarson,


Actor & Singer

Ivan Mihaljevic

Audio Engineer & Singer, Croatia


"Jakob has helped me advance my singing technique immensely by making me aware of what exactly I'm doing at which point and helping me understand the boundaries that each of those coordinations can be taken to.

He's very precise in his explanations, superb in his analysis and very quick at problem solving. Also, his knowledge of audio engineering gear and techniques makes him uniquely equipped for facilitating the communication between singers and sound engineers both on stage and in the studio!"



Ivan Mihaljevic, Croatia

Audio Engineer & Singer

Jenny Marie Haraldseid Larsen

Singer, Norway


"Jakob’s way of teaching is outstanding and a lot of fun!

He’s calm, funny and gives you his full attention so that you feel seen and respected as a unique singer. My singing journey started with him and he played an important role in making me start believing in myself!"


Jenny Marie Haraldseid Larsen,



Christina Moussot

Singer & Vocal Coach, France


“ Jakob has an extremely precise knowledge of voice AND using your voice at its best, in an amplified environment. 

I have had wonderful, efficient and fun sessions with Jakob, working on my voice, and he was completely dedicated to me getting the exact sound I wanted, vocal-technique-wise and sound-engineering-wise. 

And both are important because, it can be soooo frustrating to work on your technique and then ruin the whole thing with bad sound engineering!

Jakob is passionate about his subject and has exceptional human qualities. He listens to you and tailors all of his tools especially or you. You can feel that he will not be satisfied until YOU are. 

I recommend Jakob 1000% !”


Christine Moussot, France

Singer & Vocal Coach

Joris De Preter

Singer & Vocal Coach, Belgium


“Jakob is such a caring, structured, prepared and warm teacher! His visuals and presentations are top notch! His passion for singing shines through every class I take with him.”


Joris De Preter,


Singer & Vocal Coach


Performer & Singing Teacher, Norway


"After many years trying out different singing teachers, Jakob was the first one to spot the real issues I had in my voice. His ears are so fine-tuned, and his skills of detecting the small things that makes a huge difference is incredible! He has taught me so much, and helped me with things I never thought I was able to do! I am so honored to have had Jakob as my singing teacher, and I can with a safe heart say that he is one of the reasons my childhood dream came true"

Atle Ingebretsen, Norway

Performer & Singing Teacher

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