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Hi, i am 


I'm a voice coach, singer, musician and sound engineer, passionate about helping singers, actors and speakers achieve vocal freedom and gain the 'inside knowledge' in sound engineering for performers.



As a performer, I play a number of instruments and have been fortunate enough to play thousands of professional gigs as a singer and musician. My love of music and the possibilities of the voice as an instrument led me to pursue voice teacher training at one of the world's biggest voice institutes, CVI in Copenhagen.

         I was one of the core CVI staff teachers from 2015 to 2020, teaching vocal technique seminars, devising courses in sound engineering and mic technique and developing pedagogical graphics for the CVT App and book. I continue to develop my knowledge of powerful, effective techniques for singers.


From a young age, I have been fascinated by the possibilities of sound engineering for the voice and I have been working with a range of techniques both live and in the studio.

Through the years, working with hundreds of singers and performers, and listening to their stories, one thing became very clear: there is a real need and demand for more education and guidance in this subject.

        A singer can spend countless hours trying to craft their unique sound, only to have those hours wasted when they can't replicate their sound live or in the studio, or communicate what they need with the sound engineer.


Finding solutions to these issues has become my focus and I have developed a range of courses and workshops in sound engineering, tailored for singers.

       Not only that, but I am committed to deepening my knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques, so I have also started a 4-year education in Sound Engineering. It's a wonderfully complex subject and I will keep learning and finding ways to make it simple and clear for you.

I truly believe that collaboration and clear communication between sound engineers and singers can create artistry of the highest quality and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with as many people as possible.


Get in touch: I'm looking forward to our collaboration!

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