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=your performance

MY passion 

I am a highly trained vocal coach who also has in-depth knowledge of sound engineering techniques for singers. This means I am in a unique position to make your experience as a studio or live singer easier, more fun and more artistically satisfying. 


I've seen too many singers disappointed that their great vocals get 'lost in the mix' and it is my mission to give YOU the knowledge and specialist skills to be the best studio singer and live performer you can be. 

Let's make it happen! 

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Are you confused by Compression?

Is your sound engineer bewildered by Belting? I can help!


In my experience as a singer and vocal coach, miscommunication between the singer and the sound engineer is a major issue, costing time, money and creative energy. This miscommunication comes from the sometimes widely different language used by singers and engineers to describe what they want. 

A good working relationship, where the singer and engineer share a mutual understanding, can create amazing results, live and in the studio. Now, if only you had a translator to make this happen. 

That’s where I come in. I'm here to be the bridge between the artist and the engineer so that your collaborations create musical magic for your audience! 

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I have shared these vital singing and sound engineering techniques in workshops with more than 500 pro- and semi-pro singers from 20+ countries around the world.  


Sign up for a workshop and gain a brand new toolkit of clear, effective vocal techniques and a deeper understanding of the craft of sound engineering.

You'll be able to speak to your studio or live sound engineer with confidence and get the absolute best out of your collaboration. 


Your voice, captured at its best! 



tailored to your needs:

1-2-1 Coaching

If you’d like personalised vocal and sound technique training, live or online, drop me a line and we’ll tailor a plan to get you ready for the studio and stage!

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